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UPP-Ujjibito project

For reducing poverty and hunger of women headed and vulnerable ultra poor families VERC took initiatives through this project in the selected areas of Rajshahi district. Expected results of this project are: 1) women beneficiary and their families have the means to enjoy a standard of living 2) health and physical well-being of women beneficary and their families has significantly and sustainably enhanced 3) for enhanced empowerment and participation in society of women beneficary and their family members. Under the project, to enhance the capacity of beneficiaries, During the reporting period VERC has imparted training on vegetable production to 25 members, vermi compost to 25 members, handicrafts to 25 members, tailoring training to 50 members and goat rearing training to 50 members. Besides these, during the reporting period supports have been under this project includes - Seed distribution-60 kgs, Vaccination (Goat) - PPR- 500, Vaccination (Poultry)-RDV-500, Vaccination (Poultry)-BCRDV-500, Deworming-500, Goat rearing firm- 5 and Vermi compost plant-5.