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ENRICH is a program conducted at the grassroots level focusing for overall household development of the poor. The programme targets poor families, working with them to enhance and maximize the utilization of their resources and skills. ENRICH aims to alleviate poverty not only through income generation but through a holistic approach targeting other crucial aspects of human life including health, education, youth development, community development, etc, the goal being sustainable development driven by the people themselves. By working with selected households in association with the local government and committed stakeholders, ENRICH catalyses the households’ efforts to lift them out of poverty. The overall goal of the programme is to ensure human dignity and freedom by gradually reducing poverty in a sustainable manner, towards total elimination at the household and community level in an union. VERC is implementing ENRICH program in Laxmanpur union under Monohorgonj upazila of Comilla district. During the reporting period 3 general health camps, a special eye camp, 145 static clinic and 35 sattelite clinic have been organised. Beside this 24 education centers have set up and 582 students are continuing education from class I to III.