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Kuwait Goodwill Fund (KGF) for Promotion of Food Security in Islamic Countries Program: The goal of Kuwait Goodwill Fund (KGF) is promotion of food security in Islamic Countries by creating scope of distributing loan as per need for small business, small enterprises, agriculture and agriculture related activities such a mbis food production, preservation and market promotion for food and livelihood security. Its objectives are to make use of modern, effective and sustainable agricultural technology related knowledge and implement it in agriculture sector for increasing production to meet food deficiency reduction targets in the country. Enrolled members of Jagoron program, Agrosor program and Sufolon program of VERC will be eligible for receiving this loan. This project has two sub components. 1) Loan support, 2) Capacity building and technical support. Till June 2015 no. of borrowers was 4,350; amount of loan outstanding is TK. 119.40 million (Tk. 11,94,04,600) and recovery rate is 99.98%.