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The loans that are distributed among the poor families who are affected by man made as well as natural disaster are termed as VERC EFRRAP Program. EFRRAP Program means when the loan distributed among the enrolled members from disaster management in response to their demand for disaster preparedness, in times of disaster and for the post-disaster period recovery purposes. A borrower can take further loan as disaster management loan in disaster period though he/she has a regular unpaid or partially paid loan under the program on the condition of no overdue instalment remains pending. In case of disaster preparedness loans the purposes are preparation for tackling disaster, fulfilling demand for food and basic livelihood related goods, for purchasing life saving drugs, for repairing of damaged house, latrine and for tube well repairing or reinstallation and for rehabilitation activities. After disaster, the borrowers can take disaster management loan. Under this program, beneficiaries can take a maximum of Tk. 10,000 as loan at a time. The duration of this loan is 12 months and service charge is 4% per year. Till June 2015 number of borrowers was 32; Loan Outstanding (portfolio) is Tk. 22,328; and Recovery Rate is 100%.