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Now Shahin is dreaming of establishing his own workshop

Shahin Hossain, son of Md. Amir Hossain and Mrs. Rabeya Begum, a 17 years boy working in a grill workshop. His father is a day labour and mother is a house wife. Shahin is the elder son of his family, he has two younger brothers one of them is disable. He has been working here for the last three years. Shahin and his family migrated from Barishal to Savar due to poverty. Shahin loved to go to school from his childhood, his father admitted him to a Madrasa but his father’s illness forced their family to migrate and he was the only hope to work and earn for the family. Shahin did not like to work in the beginning because it was a very hard work i.e. he had to carry heavy rod, iron, cut them and furnish them by hammering and the work started from 8.00 am and continued to 10.00 pm.

However, the main problem was that he had to serve three years without any payment, employer provided him only one time food. After 3 years he was provided with Tk.1500/- per month as salary. In the year 2013, he admitted himself at Mozidpur VERC School in class 01. During last year Shahin received vocational training on welding and developed his skills. To see his expertise the employer increased his salary from Tk.1500- to Tk.5000. With a sparking smile Shahin was speaking that my employer got huge change i.e. previously he slapped, used slang for scolding. He thinks that motivational activities have made this change.

In the beginning he was taking Shahin education as a burden but watching the changes of Shahin, employer is very happy now. The project has provided first aid box to the workshop during 2013. Still now the box is functioning well and necessary medicine support is being provided by the employer. Now Shahin’s dream is to work hard and establish his own workshop.