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A collective initiative brings difference

Krishnodiya community clinic is the first choice to pregnant women for services, but till few days ago Krisnodiya community clinic was the worst to the villagers especially to pregnant women and children in respect of services. There was a small bridge linking the clinic with the access road but that did not have any railing to protect the users from falling down to the running water flowing 20/30 feet below the bridge. As such, pregnant women did not dare to come to the clinic for regular check-ups (ante-natal and post-natal). Even in case of any emergency, they had to depend only on TBA supports. As a result, the services of safe delivery became very difficult and a good amount of medicine remained un-utilized. It was really shocking and in a sense a problem for all.

Md. Rokon Uddin the Chairperson of the Community Clinic Management Committee (CCMC) thought of the problem first which he considered to overcome through collective initiative. Then he discussed this issue with other members of CCMC in the monthly meeting in presence of PNGO and VERC representative. Everybody agreed with him and decided to collect bamboo and other necessary materials from door to door. SEDA- the PNGO agreed to share the finishing and beautification cost. Then the whole process of setting the railing was finished in a joyful and participatory manner within a few days.

As a result, the health staff became regular in the clinic and they are providing the needed service to pregnant mothers. Even the TBAs are also more active and can support as per need properly. Now, the community people know about the nature of services and quality and quantity of the medicine as well. They are no more going to local village doctors and traditional healers. The volume of antenatal and postnatal services with all kinds of primary treatment has increased. Inspired with this example, Bolta the nearby Community Clinic has initiated actions to reconstruct the needed access road to that clinic