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Humayan Mia: burden no more

“I do not feel me as a burden to my family any more; a simple toilet has made it possible”-

Md. Humayan Mia (55) is a differently able person. He lives in Bertola village of Panisar Union under Sarail Upazila. With his children and wife he has six members family. He makes earning as day labor and by his single earning he is to bear his family expenses. In 1988, he was affected by typhoid and that has left two of his legs paralyzed. His mobility needs others support. Humayan Mia says, “I move scrolling with my two hands only. Without other’s support, I cannot go outside. It is a big hassle for my family members when I need to go for toilet use. Sometimes, I feel very much tragic when I find none as caregiver for toilet use. In that situation I feel me as a burden for others. One day Md. Abu Samad of my neighbor informed me that VERC has started working in our village installing disable friendly toilet. He is our CBO president. In consultation with Samad, I applied for a toilet to the Union Parishad.

Few days later, two of the VERC staff visited my house and discussed about toilet installation. In that discussion they asked me which place would be better for me to toilet installation. After the discussion I myself made my mind to install the toilet in one corner of my living room. Considering my free access and easy use, one plastic chair with commode installed in the living room. One delivery pipe has connected the commode with our existing toilet pit. Now a days, I can use the toilet easily without other’s support. Two handles on both sides of the chair has made it very easy to sit on it. There is no odor inside the toilet. I myself can wash my hands with soap after use of the toilet. My wife Mamataj cleans the chair regularly”. Mamataj Begum says, “before this toilet installation, I was so much harassed to carry him to the toilet. It was so much difficult; sometime he had to toilet in bed and I had to clean it. After the installation of the chair toilet I am relieved of all the hassles.

Due to indoor installation of toilet, now he can use it any time even at night or on rainy days. It is very helpful for us. Now, my husband can earn sitting at home. He makes different handicrafts with bamboo. People come to our house to buy these products”. Humayan said with pride, “I do not feel me as a burden to my family any more; a simple toilet has made it possible”