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Project Title: Enabling people towards sustainable safe water and hygiene through water credit support project.

Project Background:

The WASH situation in Bangladesh still struggling to achieve a standard across the country also, the situation in some pockets needs extra attention in this regard. The situations in the peri-urban areas vary from community to community due to some complications like land use and management, rapid industrialization etc. This needs awareness raising to create demand for improvement of the situation with affordable technology and financial support. The project aims to address the situation by providing the needed support to the communities in line with interventions and strategies that are blended in CLTS approach. Through this approach and adding credit support component people’s need will be fulfilled and the access of safe water and improve sanitation facilities will be ensured. All sorts of coordinatination with local government bodies and line department of government will be ensured so that a sustainable improvement can be achieved .VERC will make use of the expertise to bring an optimum outcome through the project.

Goal of the project:

A sustainable development of health condition in terms of improved access to water, sanitation and hygiene practice for underserved people living in rural and peri-urban locations of the selected project areas.


  1. Increase awareness on hygiene practice and promote personal hygiene habits at community level leading to demand creation for safe water facilities and hygienic latrine installation, use and maintenance.
  2. Assist in establishing linkage with microfinance support entities for assistance.

At a glance project information:

  1. Project Period: April-2015 to September-2018
  2. Supported by:Water.org
  3. Project Beneficiaries:19800
  4. Number of Beneficiaries for Water:9450
  5. Number of Beneficiaries for Sanitation:10350
  6. Geographical coverage of the project:Dhaka and Gazipur
  7. Total upazila covered:Savar, Kaliakoir, Dhamrai, Gazipur Sadar
  8. Total Branch covered:09


The project will follow the people’s participatory process so that from situation analysis to monitoring and evaluation of the project will involve the people of the target area. Besides, Market demand assessment will be done to ensure proper supply of water and sanitation hardware. Hygiene awareness session, Capacity development training, developing product design will be continued. Establish linkage with LGI, GOB and other relevant stakeholders will be made for better out come. In addition, capacitate community catalysts to retain the motivational activities.

WASH team members:

All team members will be working under the guidance of Director Watsan. The project staff positions are: 1) Project Manager 2) Project Engineer 3) Project Accountant 4) Senior Supervisor Monitoring 5) Hygiene Promoter.

Key activities of the project:

  1. Community situation analysis
  2. Market demand assessment
  3. Product design
  4. Beneficiaries awareness building session
  5. Health and Hygiene awareness session
  6. Staff training
  7. Beneficiaries training
  8. Technical assistance offered for installation of water facilities
  9. Technical assistance offered for installation of sanitation facilities
  10. Water quality test
  11. Collaboration with GOB and others stake holders
  12. Community cross visit for learning and promotion
  13. IEC/BCC materials development
  14. Different day observation

Project activities target from April-2015 to September-2018

  1. Water facilities installation:2100
  2. Sanitation facilities installation:2300
  3. WASH capacity training for 4400 beneficiaries
  4. Hygiene awareness beneficiaries:17210
  5. Total water and beneficiaries:19800

Progress up to September-2018

  1. Water facilities installation:2258
  2. Sanitation facilities installation:2230
  3. WASH capacity training for 4398 beneficiaries
  4. Hygiene awareness beneficiaries:17208

Product List with estimated cost:

Sanitation products:

Sl# Types of product Estimated cost
01 CI sheet with mud floor(Pit latrine) 10,000.00
02 CI sheet latrine with brick platform(offset pit latrine) 12,000.00
03 Brick wall , RCC roof slab(Offset pit Latrine) 28,000.00
04 Septic tank with latrine 80,000.00
05 Attached bath with latrine 70,000.00
06 Community latrine 1,60,000.00
07 Two chamber latrine with brickwall & CI sheet roof 40,000.00

Water products:

Sl# Types of product Estimated cost
01 Shallow tube well (Depth: 150’) 15,000.00
02 Deep set tube well( Depth:260’) 30,000.00
03 Submersible pump (Depth: 280’) 75,000.00
04 Water purifier 3,000.00

Case study : Hygienic latrine turns the family into a healthy life:

Borrowers name: Lily Begum Begum, Husband name: Md. Gazi Mia, Village: Shrifaltoli Padam Mahila Samity, Borrowerer ID:3231, SiteID:002, Date of interview: 12 /4/2017, Lily begum is a house wife and her husband is mason. In spite of living near by the upazila sadar she standard of living was not satisfactory. She has 01 daughter only. Her husband works on daily basis and with his few incomes they led their family. She has to meet the family income with hardship. Through inspiration of her neighbors she got admitted in to VERC group as regular members. One day she comes know in the session that VERC will give financial support to the borrower to construct hygienic latrine. She then share with her husband and decide to take for latrine installation. With complying all formalities she got financial support in amount of 20,000/= to construct single pit hygienic latrine. Now they use the latrine and their family members are very happy. Lily begum said that at present nobody through me into the shameless position. In previous time we suffered from various types of diseases. Now Allah has saved us form the distress conditions. My daughter’s friend sometimes comes to visit my house they feel comforts to use the latrine. All family members are using sandal and soap during latrine use time. The lily Begum is doing some act as motivator now. She is trying to keep healthy environment in their Mahalla through positive counseling. She and her husband are grateful to VERC and as well as water.org for changing their environment. She said now we feel proud to be the owner of hygienic latrine.

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